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My life is my message. —Gandhi

Here’s my radical philosophy:  You should always be working in service to your creative self.  Relaxation is not an excuse to be a vegetable.

I know, I know—student life is so stressful, so endlessly jam-packed of obligations that free time seems like an inviolable luxury.  If you finish your work an hour early, a few episodes of Entourage seem like the perfect reward.

But you knew you wouldn’t get off that easy.  Read the rest of this entry »

  1. NAME:  Cameron Page Langford
  2. AGE:  Eighteen
  3. OCCUPATION:  Princeton University, Class of 2015
  4. BLOG TAGLINE:  How to balance the young life & writing
  5. BLOG GOALS:  YWN will serve as an central advice hub for high school and college writers, offering advice on how to balance the young life and writing as well as collecting opportunities (ie, contests) for young writers to pursue.  YWN seeks to constantly reexamine the role of writing in a young person’s life and to consider the sacrifices one should make at this age to pursue writing.  The primary focus of YWN will be creative writing.
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